Tracy Gundlefinger

Tracy is our downtown manager and one of our talented estheticians at our downtown location. Over the past 8 years as an esthetician she has enjoyed working with a wide range of lasers and skincare lines. From laser hair removal to skin rejuvenation she enjoys giving result oriented treatments to not only improve her clients appearance but their over all confidence.


Tiffany Patton

Tiffany Patton is the Regional Manager for Bare Med Spa where she has worked for over 7 years. She spends a few days each week at both Bare Med Spa Kansas City locations. Before joining Bare, Tiffany worked for 10 years as a family practice nurse for Dr. Ruiz.  She very much enjoys working at Bare and is lucky to have an amazing and talented staff.  Her favorite skin treatment is dermaplane, which removes dead skin and fuzzy hairs. Her favorite product is Skin Better Interfuse - neck and face cream.